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215Secure protects thousands of businesses and commercial buildings from fire, intrusion, unauthorized access and more. Clients count on us for cost-effective, custom-tailored solutions, streamlined installations and highly responsive support.

Solutions We Offer

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Risk seems unavoidable, but there are measures you can take to reduce as much risk as possible. 215 Secure offers a full range of security services, whether you have a commercial facility or a multi-unit residential building. We take a holistic approach when securing your assets while evaluating your threats and vulnerabilities.

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Smart Apartment

Smart apartment technology that drives NOI. Our solutions deliver the modern amenities and security tenants expect, with remote control of apartment lighting, thermostat, and keyless entry.
Our system allows property managers control of building access, insights into HVAC maintenance and the ability to manage operating costs more effectively.

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Fire Alarm

At 215Secure, we offer a comprehensive range of fire detection and suppression technologies, along with experienced professional central station monitoring services for maximum peace of mind. Our systems safeguard your people and property from fire and other physical risks.



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As systems become increasingly complex, we can help you navigate the possibilities. We come to your site, share our insights into industry trends, new technologies and provide recommendations to meet your needs.

During our consultation, we discuss solutions that are in accordance with manufacturer and code requirements. With our deep product knowledge and technical experience, we are often able to develop innovative recommendations that offer the desired performance functionality at lower costs than our competitors.