Top 5 Questions for Property Managers to Ask Prospective Security Partners

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Multifamily properties need fire and security monitoring to ensure the safety of residents, workers, and the building itself. Property managers want to find the right security partner for the job.

These multifamily property managers have several stakeholders to consider when evaluating prospective security partners.

  • Building Owners: Owners want a safe and secure property, but they’re also conscious of the bottom line. You need a system that works and is cost-effective.

  • Building residents: Residents want safety and modern conveniences. Smart-home solutions and easy guest verification delight consumers and justify higher rents.

  • Your team: The property management team is the boots on the ground, trying to keep everyone safe and happy all day. You want a security partner that makes your lives easier, not more complicated.

To find the right security partner, you need to ask screening questions with all three parties in mind. Here’s our list of questions that will give you insight into whether a security partner is the right fit for your property.

  1. How do you evaluate our multifamily property and propose solutions?

Some security firms have inflexible terms when finding solutions for their multifamily property clients. Certain firms only work with specific technology solutions, while others offer pre-bundled services and features.

What works for the building down the street won’t necessarily be right for your property. No one wants to pay for features their residents and team will never need or use. While these packages may seem like a way to get your system up and running quickly, they can cost you in the long run.

The best security partners create custom solutions for each client.

They take time to understand the building’s layout. They identify points where security features are needed and make tailored recommendations for your property. If you already have a security system in place, they help you make the most of your existing infrastructure by augmenting rather than replacing entirely.

  1. What after-hours security features do you offer?

Property managers work hard, but you won’t be at the building 24/7. Security systems can keep an eye on your property overnight and on weekends.

There are a variety of after-hours solutions, and it’s crucial that you find the right one for your building. Does your prospective security partner have video monitoring? Will emergencies get an immediate response from a Central Monitoring Service? Can the property management and ownership teams see real-time security footage when they’re off the property?

Asking these questions will provide insight into the ongoing support you’ll receive from your prospective security partner.

  1. Does your system include smart-home features?

Today’s residents expect both safety and convenience. For many consumers, finding a home with smart technology is highly desirable. Having the ability to check locks or turn on heating or air conditioning from afar is the type of perk residents are willing to pay extra for.

Some security partners can integrate smart-home features into your existing properties. Keyless entry, guest verification, and appliance control are just a few of the added smart-home features you can ask your prospective security partner about.

  1. What kind of support can we expect once the system is installed?

Maintaining the security of your property is essential. That’s why it’s crucial to find a security partner that will be on-call to assist you with issues long after the installation process is complete.

Ask your prospective security company about the general turnaround time for service when you reach out with a request. Get clarity around the size of their support team, and confirm that there is someone to call to address your needs.

  1. What are the costs associated with the proposed security system?

Typically, there are two buckets of costs to consider for your property’s security system.

First, there are the upfront costs of purchasing and installation. This will include buying hardware–like cameras, key fobs, and any other features you choose to add–and the time the professional installers spend on-site setting things up.

Ask your prospective security partner if they can provide an itemized proposal, so you know precisely what your upfront costs will be and what those fees cover.

Then, there are the ongoing costs associated with security monitoring. Depending on the features of your multifamily property, you may wish to include security, fire, and elevator and area of refuge monitoring. There will be a monthly or annual cost associated with monitoring; make sure you have full transparency into those costs before you begin the installation process.

There are many factors to consider when weighing your options for a security partner. Asking these questions can help property managers find the team that’s the best fit for their building.

If you’re ready to ask us these five questions about our security solutions, contact 215secure today at 866.809.1022.