Virtual Concierge

Virtual Concierge Service

If you want the security and added service of a doorman or building concierge at your front entrance but don’t want to add to your payroll, our innovative Virtual Concierge security provides the capabilities at an attractive price.

Concierge Security

Virtual Concierge can vet and verify guests and vendors and allow or deny entry and can provide access for and monitor package delivery and pick-up. Guards in our command center can conduct virtual tours using your surveillance cameras and monitor for door props and forced door alarms. In the event of an incident, Virtual Concierge contacts authorities while continuing to monitor remote video. It can also generate a variety of reports, including audit reports of entry requests and video surveillance exports.

Virtual Assistant Concierge Services

  • Additional doors or restricted areas

  • Hallway or area monitoring using motion detectors

  • Individual door monitoring via contacts and video motion sensors

  • Remote video review and reporting, including searches

  • Elevator control and monitoring

  • Panic alarm monitoring

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Virtual Concierge
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