Why All Properties Need Fire and Life Safety Solutions

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Fire spreads. Fast. Each second matters when lives and property are at risk. There has been constant evolution to find ways to become safer from fire-related accidents. Since 1965 there have been low-cost smoke detectors for domestic use (and original versions of fire alarms and smoke detectors since the late 1800s and early 1900s) and they have regularly been replaced by newer, better versions—to our current benefit.

Today’s technological advances, properly installed and maintained, offer a comprehensive range of fire detection and suppression options, along with experienced professional central station monitoring services. This provides the safest setting possible, especially in large, multi-unit buildings filled with individuals, workers, families, and their critical information and valued treasures.

Multi-family condos and apartments—as well as office buildings—need the customization of the right brand-agnostic system design and installation to ensure maximum peace of mind for those living or working in the building. Property managers want the right solution for their specific building and safety needs—something tailored to their needs, budget, and ongoing building upgrades.

Whether you need a brand new system from scratch or already have a system and need a site inspection or system maintenance 215Secure can provide the best solutions for you.

Don’t put off one of the most important preventative measures you can activate for the investment protection, personal safety, and building manager confidence needed to create a safe space for tenants to make their magic and positively impact the world. Be their hero with the ideal fire and life security systems.

Explore your options and learn about new safety solutions  today. Call (866) 809-1022 or email: info@215Secure.com us to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.