Why Condo Units Require Commercial Security Services

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Property managers already have a long list of expenses. Do they need to add a business security service into the mix?

The reality is that no condominium or multi-family property is invulnerable. No matter how safe the neighborhood or how engaged the building staff is, there will always be risks.

Investing in a business security service for your condominium isn’t just about keeping your property and residents safe, it’s also a selling point for potential residents. The more security features your building touts, the better they feel about moving in.

Still need convincing? Here are some of the biggest reasons condo units need commercial security services.

Deter Theft

Theft can happen anywhere and at any time. While a criminal might not feel bold enough to venture up to a top-floor residence to pilfer, your building’s common spaces are easy targets for thieves.

Fortunately, a business security service can keep your space safe any time of day.

A security system starts working before a safety issue even occurs. Having visible signs of a security system, like cameras, can make people think twice about targeting your condominium or multi-family property.

Criminals look for targets that present the fewest hurdles; signs of a security system signal that choosing your building might be more trouble than it’s worth.

If unwanted access should occur, additional features like alarms and motion-activated lights can disrupt a crime. Bad actors know that an alarm likely means the company employs a security alarm monitoring service. Once the noise begins, it’s only a matter of time before the police arrive.

Maintain a Visual Record of On-Site Activity

Not all buildings have 24/7 doorman or concierge service. Once your team goes home for the day, a security service can be your after-hours set of eyes.

This is helpful if your building experiences a theft, but it is just as beneficial in other instances.

If a resident reports a personal dispute with a visitor or service provider, you can see any interactions that occurred in the building’s public spaces.

If there’s an issue with building systems while you’re off-site, a visual check of the property can help you assess how severe the problem is.

Finally, you can keep an eye on your team when you’re not around. Having visuals on your condominium at all times helps you provide guidance to your employees if they have a question or behave inappropriately.

Many modern business security systems allow you to see camera footage in real-time, in addition to recording to a hard drive. This helps you take quick action when you’re alerted to a developing issue, even if you’re miles away.

Control Entry and Exit Onto Your Property

Business security services of today incorporate smart technology that makes it easier than ever to control who can access your property and when. Smart lock systems are becoming an expectation among residents looking to rent or buy a condominium.

Smart entry cards or keycodes log entry and exit so you know who is coming and going from your property. From residents to delivery people to service providers, you have full visibility into building traffic at all times.

You can also set different levels of access for each individual. If you only want managers to have entry to the basement space where the building’s systems reside, you can restrict lower-level employees and residents from those rooms.

Smart lock systems also provide your residents greater power to control access to their homes. A resident who’s hired a regular dog walker, for example, can add that person to the building’s access list during the hours they visit to walk Fido.

Finally, smart lock services make it easy to strip property access. If a resident loses their fob or an employee on your property management team quits, you can immediately rescind access to ensure your property remains secure.

Reduce Risk of Fire Damage

The idea of a business security service may conjure images of theft deterrence in your mind, but security systems also play a crucial role in protecting your condominium or multi-family property from fire damage.

Security alarm monitoring services have a special role to play in safeguarding against fires. With a central monitoring team, there’s always someone on call to receive the alert and dispatch emergency services.

When it comes to fighting fire damage, every second counts. And when residents’ lives potentially hang in the balance, it’s crucial to invest in a system that keeps everyone safer. A comprehensive alarm monitoring service is also a selling point for savvy renters or home-buyers.

Save on Insurance

A business security service provides property managers with another immediate benefit: cost savings on insurance premiums.

Insurance companies incentivize business practices that lower the likelihood they’ll need to pay out for a claim. If you proactively protect your property from theft, damage, and fire by working with a security alarm monitoring service, you make life better for yourself and your insurer.

Insurance companies often offer lower premiums for properties that install security systems. Every additional layer of security you add is another variable your insurance company will factor in when determining your rate.

As you can see, investing in a business security service has significant short- and long-term benefits. No matter what kind of multi-family property you manage, it needs commercial security support. Investing in a robust security system keeps your team and residents safe, protects everyone’s assets and property, and pleases your business insurance providers.