Why Electronic Door Locks Are Effective for Property Managers

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It’s nice that technology now allows your tenants to purchase a morning coffee without having to get out a wallet. You can use an app or digital payment option on your phone from a specific java joint to make life easier in this important transaction to start the day—or keep it going.

What’s even better is using electronic lock technology to make your building safer and easier for everyone that should have access. With electronic deadbolts on entry doors, if you’re the resident you can dismiss the hassle of fishing out your keys or juggling the groceries while figuring out the right key for each old-school lock. Whether you have an entry card, fob and/or mobile credential it’s an easier operation than dealing with bulky key rings.

If you’re the property owner of a multi-family building—with numerous keyholders and doors to manage—having the power wireless electronic locks right on the door becomes a smart, enduring investment that can provide a full return on investment over time.

Eliminate handing out mechanical keys to residents and the chore of getting keys back (or replacing lost keys and re-keying locks) when a unit has turnover.

There are numerous options to ensure you get the right electronic combinations for your building. Deadbolts, interconnected, cylindrical, mortise, and exit trim help make up a wide variety of options to ensure the right lock. These can be set to allow new access rights, revoke old access rights, or even set time schedules for when access is available. Customize and remotely control the traffic that enters any door of your building.

Whether you’re the resident or the property owner, sit back and enjoy your fresh coffee with greater peace of mind—you’ve earned it with your electronic deadbolts for entry doors. Let the caffeine sink in and then reach out to 215Secure at (866) 809-1022 or visit 215Secure.com to learn more.