Why Your Small Business Needs an Intrusion Detection System

intruder opening a small business entrance door

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Crime is on the rise across the United States, but the increase is especially steep in major cities. New York City has reported a 41% jump in major crime–including grand larceny and robberies–since the start of 2022.

It’s always been risky to rely on lock and key alone to protect your business, but the need to implement comprehensive intrusion detection technology is even more pressing today.

Let’s explore why your business needs an intrusion detection system and what that system should include.

Intrusion Detection Systems Stop Crimes Before They Happen

Intrusion detection systems are great at alerting you when a crime is occurring on your property, but did you know they can stop theft before it even happens?

Burglars prefer an easy target. Why undertake an Ocean’s 11-style break-in at a secure building when you can simply walk into an unlocked and unguarded location down the street?

Researchers from UNC Charlotte asked actual burglars how intrusion detection systems impacted their decision to rob a property. Eighty-three percent of participants said they would check a building for signs of an alarm system before attempting a robbery, and 60% reported they’d move on to another target if they spotted an on-site intrusion detection system.

Simply having an intrusion detection system on your property can stop crime in its tracks. When a would-be burglar spots your video surveillance cameras or sees a sign for your alarm system, they often head off to some other location.

Noise and Lights Deters Criminals

Burglars like to act in the quiet, dark night for a reason. Light and sound draw attention to their actions–and no one wants to be seen when they’re in the middle of a robbery.

That’s why intrusion detection systems that incorporate alarms and floodlights are especially effective. Burglars who were asked to share what would make them think twice about attempting a car robbery say that streetlights and car alarms are two of the biggest deterrents.

Sound and lights can have the same positive impact for your store. Floodlights are easily spotted from afar and might prevent a burglar from even attempting to enter your property.

If an intruder does enter and is greeted by a loud siren, the noise will compel them to turn around before the sound attracts unwanted attention and the authorities arrive.

Video Surveillance Provides Answers

Should the worst happen and a robbery occur in your store or office, video surveillance systems help you identify the culprit.

It’s common for burglaries to be committed by someone you know. According to the Department of Justice, victims knew their burglars in 30% of home robberies that occurred when the victim was present.

Similarly, current or former employees may rob your business. Employees know intimate details about your operations, like where you store cash and other valuables. Without any security measures, an employee can be in and out quickly, beelining for the safe and leaving before anyone is the wiser.

However, with an intrusion detection system and video surveillance, you can identify a familiar burglar quickly. Even if the intruder is a stranger, video surveillance images can be instrumental in helping authorities identify offenders.

A Timely Response Is an Effective Response

When a crime occurs, time is of the essence.

Without an intrusion detection system, you might not know about a break-in until you arrive to open up shop in the morning. You’ll call the authorities, but the criminal will be long gone, and the chances of catching them will be slim.

An intrusion detection system, however, alerts you to issues in real-time. Modern security systems allow owners or managers to remotely control locks and on-site systems, plus see security camera footage from afar.

You can also incorporate central station monitoring services into your intrusion detection system. This second line of defense provides you peace of mind; you know that someone always has a watchful eye on your property and is poised to respond to emergencies quickly.

You’ve worked hard to build a business you are proud of–why not protect it? Investing in an intrusion detection system can stop crime before it happens. Should a burglary occur, a security system will help you effectively collaborate with authorities to re-secure your store and perhaps even retrieve your stolen property.

If you’re ready to discuss your options for an intrusion detection system, call (866) 809-1022 or email us to learn more.